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Tomato growers

Key Features

For optimal yield in tomatoes, farming plants need a spectrum that can deliver the right balance between biomass production and leaf building. Our industry-leading LED engines can deliver the wavelength needed to support the vegetative stage for robust plant development, as well as the flowering stage, to deliver the higher fruit count per plant.

Flower growers

Key Features

When working with ornamental plants, spectrum precision is paramount to a prosperous yield. Utilising the correct intensity and wavelength is key to achieve stunning flowers.

The high flexibility of our light engine allows us to work collaboratively with agronomists and produce a tailor-made spectrum for each floriculture application.

The leaf formation, the inclination of the stems, the flower characteristics and the positioning all respond to light which is why a consistent, high quality spectrum is critical to uniform production.

Midstream has a market leading track record in delivering highly stable systems for large scale projects.

Leafy green growers

Key Features

On top of the two intense absorption bands provided by 450nm blue and 600nm red wavelengths, our research has demonstrated that the addition of broad spectrum light increases the speed and yield of the lettuce significantly, revealing that our lighting technology will help you grow higher quality produce, faster.

Cannabis growers

Key Features

For medicinal and legal cannabis plant cultivation, the intensity, spectrum and quality of light can not only significantly increase production yield but also have a tremendous impact on the quality of the crop influencing THC content, CBD content and taste characteristics.

Our research has shown massive increase in the output of each plant by employing the Midstream Lighting System when compared to traditional HPS fixtures, with peaks of 6x for certain auto-flowering strains.

For large scale growers, the competitive advantage is Midstream.


Midstream Lighting is a trusted, leading global designer, manufacturer and solution architect of industrial high powered, specification grade lighting for greenhouses and growers, and mission-critical LED high mast lighting for the marine port, aviation, highway & rail, and sports stadia industries.

Established in the UK and the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, most recently ranked 18 out of 100, as one of the fastest growing SME’s in international sales by the Sunday Times, we have a strong, global footprint, with clients and projects all over the world. Our products and solutions feature cutting edge LED technology and our proprietary optic lens system delivers one of the highest asymmetric light distributions you can find. In addition, our design led and bespoke spectrum solutions are not only scalable, they feature a quick turnaround from solution development to order placement to delivery.

We are dedicated to providing expert solutions, designs, advice and technology for our clients, with superior customer service and support from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our affordability, our exceptional customer service, our innovative, integrated designs and our customer driven specification products & solutions that will truly transform your business.

Meet the Experts

  • Yuli Grig, Commercial I lead on commercial topics such as partnerships, legal, marketing and channel development. Let's talk about working together. In the past I have hosted my own radio show.
  • Alexander Krupkin, Operations I make sure we operate as efficiently as a swiss watch. Let's talk about our production, deliveries, ordering and operating. I am also an expert snow boarder.
  • Paolo Corno, Technical I look after the products and the projects. Reach out to me for technical information, specifications and any generally difficult questions. Previously, I've played American football semi-professionally.
"I have been testing Midstream’s horti lamp over the last 2.5 months and I’m getting significantly higher yields when compared to a sodium lamp, so I’m convinced this is the right lighting solution for me"
Massimo G, Milan


Complex Projects – Effective Solutions by Midstream

Midstream has been a lighting solutions architect, innovator and provider since 2010. We understand the evolving needs and the balancing act that supplemental light plays in the horticultural environment. We can help you to produce the yield, uniformity, quality and sustainability you are after. Our bespoke spectrum LED lights provide the solutions for growers’ challenges.

With deep expertise in technology, manufacturing, design and financial structuring, Midstream is able to successfully solve for and deliver on complex horticultural projects which rely on creative solutions and tremendous agility. When delivery time and quality are critical, and the specification, yield and performance are non-negotiable, the only solution partner for your lighting needs is Midstream.

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